C#, Diablo 2

Diablo II save file editor / C#

As a long time Diablo II fan and with the 20 years anniversary being this year , I decided to try and make a save file editor .

I certainly wasn’t aspiring to reinvent the wheel though , there have been handy mods for this in the past , and with the full respec functionality that plugY offers it isn’t that handy of a tool either. Nevertheless I found it an interesting and challenging exercise in loading binary files.

Because in my search for information about the .d2s file format i stumbled upon a lot of dead ends and scattered resources , I will try and combine all the necessary resources to read the files right here for any other dabbling coders.

The application was ultimately made in wpf for an easy UI and to implement the MVVM model , so all code was done in C# , which made reading in Binary files a tad more cumbersome. If you really just want to read in the files I would rather recommend using c++ or c. Also , when trying to read the file , do try and puzzle the pieces together yourself , I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.

Now, with this introduction aside , I’ll split this up in multiple posts on my blog for easier access to the parts you need / are interested in. (This blog has tags , feel free to use them)


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